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Our Privacy Policy

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As a Data Protection Compliance Organization and Law Firm that specialises in privacy and data protection, we don’t take privacy issues lightly, hence we protect, secure and cherish any personal data that comes under our control either by commission or omission.

In consequence of the foregoing, we have drawn up a privacy policy on our we process your personal data (if any) pursuant to the applicable data protection laws/regulations (especially the Nigerian Data Protection Regulation and General Data Protection Regulation where applicable).

By visiting and navigating our website, you unequivocally agree with our privacy policy especially as it relates with your personal data (if any) controlled by us.

1. How are personal data controlled and/or processed by us are used?

Although this website does not necessarily gather/control users’ personal data, such may however be used both for traffic audit purpose and/or communication purposes. We may contact you using your contact information collected here (if any).

2. How do you consent to our processing of your personal data?

By visiting and navigating out website, you have consented to our use of your data for the purposes stated herein.

3. How can you withdraw consent or object to our continued processing of your data?

Simply send us an email withdrawing your consent or click here and we will immediately delete your personal data from our database.

4. What are the types of data collected by us via this website?

We do not use this website to collect any personal data except you reach out

to us via your email address to make any requests and such messages are

stored in our email database.

5. What is done with your personal data?

We don’t do anything with your data as this website is merely a visibility and notification site. We do not also share your email address or any other

information processed here with any third party.

6. Use of Cookies?

We do not use cookies on our website, hence we do not store your personal

data in any guise except when you send us emails making enquiries, hence

such emails are stored in our mail boxes purely for reference purposes.

7. Third parties

We do not share your information with third parties under any arrangement


8. Remedies in the event of violation of your privacy or data ownership rights

In the event of our violation of your privacy or data ownership rights, you are at liberty to report such violation to the regulators or file an action in court for redress.

9. Time frame for remedy

The time frame for remedy can only be determined by the regulators and/or the law courts as dictated by many contending factors.